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ETF Core Strategies

Aim: To trend-trade general equity ETFs so as to ride rallies and buck busts in the Australian share market.

ETF Rotation Strategies

Aim: To back the local and foreign sector ETFs with the strongest price gains over both short and long terms.

How to distinguish ‘good’ from ‘bad’ timers?

One way to do so is to check whether they subject their signals to real time auditing by TimerTrac, an independent and objective market timer monitoring service. You can also check how they rank in TimerTrac’s league tables, but since American share indices are used as the benchmark the results are meaningless for market timers issuing signals for non-American markets. During the market corrections of 2010 and 2011 MarketTiming topped the TimerTrac league tables because Australia lead America so our Sell signals came earlier.

You can check out TimerTrac’s monitoring of MarketTiming by clicking on the following button:


From its inception, MarketTiming has reported to TimerTrac each buy and sell signal for its Conservative timing strategies on the day it was produced. TimerTrac keeps a public record of each signal and the date it received it.

TimerTrac continuously compares MarketTiming’s performance against the S&P500 index and ranks it against other timers. It’s unfortunate that its software can not accommodate share price index benchmarks other than American ones, even though there is a strong correlation between our two markets.

However, being ‘Timer Tracked’ demonstrates we are not afraid to have the dates of our signal changes recorded and published for posterity by a third party.

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